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The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success 6-Week training is now open and available. And for personal recorded readings, these are only available to people how sign up to the training. In this way we can go deeper into your uniqueness. Worst mantra ever for projectors, “Hustle your way to the top!”. Projectors are not here to find success through hustling, we are here to find our way via flow, right-timing, and our unique wisdom that we share with others. It can be...



For those looking for meditation and yoga experiences.

Sadhguru is a very special human. The power he emanates, the truth he gives, the love he shares is profound.

Sadhguru created Isha Yoga Foundation and has many courses and initiations being run around the world for people who are interested in the real thing. In the seed of something magical. The pure essence of yoga is delivered to those who want it, and Sadhguru is a trustworthy source in my experience.

He also has an Ashram in the...


Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing and Inner Child work.

Emotions are a very delicate topic for most of us. Vulnerable, sensitive, unknown are a few words that come to mind when emotions are brought up.

Even though most of us say that the main thing we want is to 'be happy'. We often don't go to our emotional body and do the necessary work to create that reality. Happiness is an emotions right...
We'll often try everything else before going to our emotions. We'll try to get physically healthy, mentally healthy...


Spinal Body Work

Hey everyone,

Something a little bit different from me this time. In this video I am sharing with you the modality I have been journeying with for the last 9 months. It is called Integral Energetics, a strain of Network Chiropractic.

Integral Energetics is a culmination of multiple transformation techniques and works to enable the nervous system to heal and truly self-regulate. 

Here I demonstrate the power of the technique and how it can be used to balance the body, down-regulate into...


Metaphysical Anatomy

I just completed the Metaphysical Anatomy Training. It was epic. This training, built on my knowing of how the body works. That the physical body is simply condensed energy which originally filters down through the mind from the original intelligence (we all have different names for this ie source or spirit or vibration or energy that we can’t see). It doesn’t matter what you call it or don’t call it, or whether you acknowledge it or don’t acknowledge it, in my...


Dry Fasting

As a Detoxification Specialist I have experimented, research as well as guided others through these processes. 

Here are some of my thoughts and experiences...

Benefits of fasting:
- Digestive system break 
- Fasting is a time of introspection and emotional cleansing
- Physical and mental cleansing 
- Detoxification 

REMEMBER: Listen to your body. Don’t push your body because you will simply stress it. 

- Spiritual experience
- Two different types: Hard and...

Let's Get To The Root Of What's Going On

Put simply we were originally made within the frequency of love, a high frequency that connects us to everything and everyone around us BUT our world mainly vibrates at a frequency of fear. We are literally caught in a huge web of fear, from peoples thoughts, feelings, actions, the media, relationships, families, most of it comes from the fear frequency. 

So if someone (you or me) tries to;
- 'improve' themselves
- find their 'purpose'
- become more 'spiritual'
- more 'intuitive'


Red Pill Vs Blue Pill

Let's talk about something that is often overlooked, something that is often ignored, something that is often shunned.

But... this thing I am talking about is something that runs throughout our culture, so deeply, right in our face that most of us miss it. By most I would guess 9,999 out of 10,000 - totally miss it, miss the impact of it and try and find 'solutions' else where. 

In high doses what I am talking about effects:

- immune system 
- brain development 
- hormonal...

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