Uncategorized May 31, 2020

It’s interesting we as humans are made up of different ‘bodies’.
I’m sure many people have heard the word yoga before, it’s obviously been quite distorted and people now thinks its twisting your body, the more you twist, the better yogi you are.
Actually the word yoga refers to aligning and union these four bodies
- physical body
- mental body
- emotional body
- energetic bodies
Like 4 wheels of a car, to align these bodies and activate these bodies so we can blossom into a beautiful piece of life.

Most of us know quite a lot about our physical bodies and how to keep them in good shape and health. We all don’t do it but most of us know generally how to.

Our mental bodies are stimulated through school and university.

But our emotional bodies are often totally left behind and suppressed at around the age of 7. As a result we now live in a world with many emotionally insecure people - emotions like stress, worry, fear, anger, greed come about because we don’t know how to remain present and love. And then the rest of us are often so numb and dull that we have hardly no emotions.
Watch a child and watch their emotions, they are fully free to express and activated.
Watch an adult who considers them self 'mature’ or 'realistic’. You may find it hard to see any emotion within them. Feeling 'better’, 'good’, 'nice’, 'fine’, 'okay, and 'all right’ are terms we use when we are emotionally numb.

It’s time we opened up our emotions, feel them run through us for the life that they are, emotions are just energy in motion. We need to feel this energy and by doing so and not judging what we feel we allow more 'space’ within us for new life to pass through.


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