Money. Freedom. Happiness.

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

Freedom and happiness are two of the most important values in my life. I yearn for freedom in every sense of the word and happiness and joy are self explanatory. 
I discovered this morning that I’ve had a belief (subconscious) that money doesn’t bring freedom and happiness, it actually decreases it and restricts it.
For me if I look around at people in my life its often the people with less money who to me have the most freedom and also have so much happiness. They travel cheaply, they adventure, they explore, they simply just live.
Whereas people who I see striving for money and work full time to achieve (with that carrot dangling in from of them constantly just out of reach, striving for the next bonus or the next…) that I see a huge lack in freedom, and often these people are just living for the weekend or for the 4 weeks of holidays they get every year.  
This is what I have believed so that is the reality I see. 
Obviously there are many people that have lots of money, freedom and happiness as well as people who don’t have much money and therefore little freedom and little happiness. 
In my world I see what my beliefs are and this therefore restricts money from flowing into my life abundantly because of the facts that I believe if it did then I could lose my freedom and happiness. 
I’m willing to give this ‘story’ and and old belief up and bring in my new beliefs and new way of seeing the world…
- I deserve to have money flow easily into my life
- I deserve to be fairly remunerated for the services I provide others


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