Jillian Jackson Testimonial


"Working with Charlie created a lasting shift in my life, which I believe is quite difficult to come across in the wellness profession. I have found that in wellness I often experienced momentary change, and then a reversion back to where I started. My time working with Charlie created an honest difference in my life that I am still discovering, exploring, and relishing. Charlie is remarkable for his knowledge, research, openness, and generosity of time. He has an honest and true dedication to his clients; one that runs much deeper than the price of the time allotted. I have worked with coaches before, but rarely do you find someone such as Charlie, who is so deeply dedicated to the conversation.

Regarding knowledge, Charlie is filled with extremely helpful explanations pertinent to the situation, as well as tangible strategies and resources. Often at the end of a session with Charlie, I would end up with page after page of resources and suggestions. This duality between the subconscious workings of the mind and body along with mantras, books, herbs, and health remedies make working with Charlie a very full experience. He clearly takes the time to understand who his clients are, what he or she wishes to work on, and from there molds the time spent to fit the greater intention. I cannot speak highly enough of Charlie, and would recommend working with him to any individual open to change."


"Charlie helped to identify a deep-seeded pattern of thinking that was holding me back from achieving my goals in wealth and abundance. Charlie used the methods of PSYCH-K to reprogram my beliefs on a sub-conscious level. Immediately I felt something shift as my entire being came into congruence around my beliefs and goals do to with money.

Since then, I've experienced a great freedom in the area of wealth. I recommend Charlie for his gentle and caring nature, and his dedication to having you achieve what you want out of life!"


"For 7 years, I suffered from chronic sinus infections, allergies, fatigue and physical injuries. In 2016 my eye sight started to deteriorate and I suffered an extended period of fatigue. Having spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on doctors, specialistics and physios I became frustrated that my health was reducing my quality of life. 

I came across a video Charlie posted about allergies, which highly resonated with me. I messaged Charlie and we started working together. I was sceptical at first and my initial intention was to resolve my allergies but the journey has evolved into something much greater.

Over 3 months, Charlie has provided invaluable guidance and empowered me to take a journey of health and wellbeing. I am more educated to make conscious healthy choices, more in touch with my body, more aware of my emotions and have a greater self-belief.

I no longer experience allergies, sinus infections and fatigue. I have moved from anxiety and frustration to a sense of calmness. Overall, i generally feel better. The medical results from my doctor reinforce that my blood pressure has improved and my blood tests indicate my creatine has is now within the relevant range and my white cell count has improved. I am so glad to have worked with Charlie and believe he has had a huge positive impact on my life and my future. Thank you!"

KRISTIAN M, Entrepreneur 

"I have struggled with health issues for over 30 years. I have seen everyone and tried everything to heal. Well almost… because then I met Charlie. So much wisdom, heart and life force in one little package of a human being, and he glows with it!

So, I was really intrigued to discover that Charlie and I had walked a similar path of suffering, and yet he had done, in very whole and natural ways, the very thing I have been working at for over 30 years: he has healed himself. Well I was determined to get me some of that! And I’ll be getting myself some more, because healing is a journey for me, that can always improve, like the next iteration can only be better than the last. And Charlie is a mentor worth sourcing for the ride.

Charlie tuned into my very low blood pressure, an issue that western doctors have always been delighted by, often adding ‘you’d make a great marathon runner’. Only problem is I struggle to get out of bed because I’m so exhausted! Charlie was able to explain to me what was actually going on in my body that made my blood pressure so low, and why it is detrimental to health and vitality. He’s also helped me heal it. Three months later my blood pressure is significantly up and I am feeling SO much better!

Working with Charlie is an adventure in learning, at the same time it feels like ‘coming home’, because he is so nurturing, so insightful, so gentle and cosy, and yet so powerful. Charlie has a wonderful way of understanding and healing physical issues, and I am so grateful for that. But what awes me most is his gift of peeling back the layers to see an issue beneath an issue beneath an issue. Charlie has also helped me understand my deeper heart and soul wounds, and how these link to my physical condition. And he has provided guidance in the healing of these. Magic.

For me Charlie is magic. But the best of magic…he’s real. A thousand blessings to you Charlie. And a heart full of gratitude to you for being you, and for more than you know."

KATHRYN A, Psychologist 

"Charlie has been an incredible health coach to me over the past few months. He really goes beyond the common ‘health’ parameters and looks at all aspects of your life. He has a knack for synthesising vast and varied information on a person’s life and crystallising what is at the heart of the issue. As a practitioner he is non-judgmental and transparent, allowing you to be involved and empowered in your journey to vitality. I feel so lucky that I have met Charlie and that this journey is now well underway.

In particular I want to say that Charlie has really helped me change some deep beliefs about myself, about my family, romantic interests, ex-partners, as well as my relationship with money.

Charlie’s direct voice and clear vision really helps to highlight the resistances we might be holding on to that are stopping us from being abundantly healthy and wildly happy.

Thank you so, so much Charlie!"


"My experience with Charlie in receiving two Metaphysical Anatomy sessions was deeply healing and transformative, in that they allowed me to move forward through number of resistances and fears I was carrying with respect to personal endeavors.

Charlie’s gentle exploration, through guided dialogue, to identify the root cause of inherent inner blockages were both insightful and revelatory in that the awareness itself brought much clarity and light as to why specific aspects of life was unfolding the way it did. During the healing portion of the sessions, I somatically experienced the releasing of the blockages and transmutation of the deep-seated belief systems that no longer served me.

Charlie’s ability to both institutively and intellectually perceive and convey the new beneficial programming felt both gentle and powerful at the core that the resonance created a new heighted sense of confidence and assurity within my own natural abilities.

I look forward to continue to explore further with Charlie and also encourage you to connect with him to explore your own journey in deep awareness, healing and transformation."


Aveli Shares About Our Coaching Sessions


"Working with Charlie for 12 weeks transformed my life.  I found human design at a time where I knew I wasn’t in alignment with career, but yet I was a perfectionist and workaholic. My body was shutting down from adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues, and poor gut health. I was tired all the time and most foods were making me sick.  I worked with three top functional medicine doctors and just kept getting worse despite taking 25 supplements and controlling food. I analyzed and tried to control everything to try to get better except really looking at myself.  I knew I had unresolved childhood and emotional issues that I was trying to work through, but I had not realized how much I had ignored and emotions and feelings.  

Charlie gently helped me see that and created action items for me to work on being aware of any emotions, how I was spending energy, and my overall environment. We worked through a lot of my blocks over the 12 weeks and I feel that my workaholic nature has disappeared.  We worked through unresolved trauma very efficiently.  It would have taken a good therapist years to even get me to talk about my issues.  Charlie naturally created a safe space and used magical techniques to work through and reprogram memories and trauma.  The most important part of my transformation was learning about living in flow as well as seeing time off was a gift from the Universe and much needed for my healing.  

Now I am able to operate from my intuition and feel great. My health ailments have significantly improved or are gone.  I have clarity on what I want out of life. I have a lot of awareness on what is going to serve me well and what I should pass on. For the first time in my life I have boundaries and can communicate them without feeling guilty.  Wonderful people and opportunities are coming to me and I’m so happy and healthy. I can’t thank Charlie enough for helping me not only navigate a tough spot in my life but really completely transform my health and overall emotional state."


"Charlie is knowledgeable, compassionate, and is clearly walking his own path of learning and transformation, evident in his embodied understanding of many of the tools he teaches which he shares openly and willingly. Who he is, and his presence, speaks volumes energetically and has been an invitation for me to access this level of authenticity within myself, as well, just in observing him and soaking in that possibility.

Because we are both Projectors, I greatly valued witnessing a role model of authentic Projector living and how I, too, can step into my own Projector energy more vibrantly. He was able to share some concrete tips around that, as well. In our work together, much was brought up for healing and transformation that I wasn’t originally seeking when I reached out to Charlie, but was incredibly beneficial to my journey and for which I am grateful.

I appreciated Charlie’s variety of approaches, his perception and insight, and his open and authentic communication style and presence. I was seeking a new level of integration, peace, inner power and fulfillment and, looking back now, I am in a much more integrated state and feel a new solidity of who I am, coupled with a deeper ability to express new parts of me that have emerged as a result of our work together.

Working with Charlie came at the perfect time in my life and I am grateful to our time together and the wisdom, authenticity, and compassionate empowerment he has offered me.

Thank you, Charlie!"


"You are a born teacher, with the patience of a kung fu master, the knowledge of a library, and the creativity of Picaso. You taught me so much Charlie, not only about health but also about myself. For that brother I don't know how I can ever thank you enough."


"Charlie Maginness is one of the most warm hearted, vibrant, humans I have ever come across. Always very welcoming and opening to talk and try new experiences. He is fun and loves to sing, dance and makes everyone around him feel upbeat. Charlie is extremely smart and hard working with a great interest into health and wellbeing for the body and the mind. He is efficient and integral and will complete any task set in front of him with a smile on his face. Meeting and working with Charlie has been a treat, he has helped me become a better person and open my eyes to new experiences."



Where to start. There are so many parts of you that make my heart buzz and my insides jump. A teacher.

You are so clever and so giving of your knowledge that I feel almost selfish when we meet. I walk away from our encounters feeling as though we've undergone a transaction and I have walked away with a glowing basket of new and exciting information, and have short changed you....Thank you for educating me in more ways than one."


"Have you ever had an experience, or met a person that radically transformed your life? Where all of a sudden some big shift in your life seemed to spring out of nowhere? Some puzzle-pieces started to fall together?
This is the gift that Charlie shares in his presence and his wisdom… he is a launching pad for self-awareness and transformation.
Just being in his energy sparks a deep curiosity and desire to grow. And the best part, this growth feels like a welcome challenge, not an uphill battle. I have met and spoken with so many people who tried to convince me my vitality could only be accessed by a deep, long, gruelling process of digging and delving into the “tough-stuff”. Meeting Charlie was a breath of fresh air, because he is deeply committed to radical transformation… that we don’t have to “breakdown to breakthrough”. We journeyed into the “tough stuff”, but in an illuminating way in which I felt safe, nurtured, and pure-compassion. From that space, I believe we can heal anything!

Each breakthrough session I have with Charlie leaves me feeling lighter, fresher, and SO much more in alignment with my true passions in life. He is a great listener who can listen beyond the words and hear the callings of the soul. If you, by good fortune, decide to work and journey with Charlie, prepare yourself for a TOTAL shift of reality. You will not be the same as when you started, it's simply not possible. Charlie has a way of helping you release and free yourself from everything you are NOT so that you can become more of who you really are.
I feel blessed to have Charlie in my life! A constant spark of life, a big heart, and an intense pursuer of Truth and Liberation."


"On Youtube I came across your channel and watched some of your videos. I am in complete awe of your clarity, authenticity, love and cleanness you exude. I guess something in your aura just connects to a part of my aura and I feel from deep inside, that the way you approach the Uniqueness of the Projector Type is exactly how it needs to be served for me right now." 


"Charlie's vast knowledge of the function and inner workings of the human body and mind as well as his love for life and enthusiasm for helping others to live a healthy and happy life is truly inspirational. Diving into the conscious and subconscious mind Charlie has the ability to evoke change on the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. Since working with Charlie I have been able to manifest a more harmonious living environment and a job which I only had a vision of a few months prior. I am learning more about myself all the time and am continually using the insights gained from working with Charlie to create my future. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Charlie on my journey towards health and self discovery."



"Just want to say how much I loved our connection today. 

They are enormously valuable for me at this time as it really is and does orient me as you were saying.

I also appreciated the first little exercise which identified very clearly... I'm not "home" yet but just knowing this immediately assists me with asking myself that question.. "where am I?" So so good. THANK YOU for showing me this.

Fabulous stuff. Looking forward to our next session. 

Have a great day...as I'm finishing mine. It's been so so good. My body, particularly my belly has had butterflies in it most of the day...not apprehensive butterflies but excited and anticipating GOOD stuff unfolding..i love it. Thank you so much.


THANK YOU soooo much for ALL you have shared and guided me through this passed 6/7 weeks (and of course the other sessions we have had together).

It has bought me so much joy having someone who knows what they are doing and who was willing to do the work on themselves, then help others through these emotionally crippling experiences into a space of clarity, greater freedom and allowing oneself to come home more fully, clearing the blocks that we have put in the way as well as what others have done too.

It’s been truly amazing and I’m so so thankful for this ongoing transformation. Working with you has been an absolute joy and you have made it very easy for me to open up and get the best out of our time together. You have been the perfect teacher for me."


"I had a life changing time these past few months with Charlie as a mentor and guide. The journey would not be the same, nor even possible without our paths crossings. I wish I could catch up monthly for the rest of our lives!

Charlie is an amazing guide on the path we all walk through life's garden. His passion shines through in his lessons, excellent communication, and eagerness to help those who seek his wisdom. From past trauma, to struggles of daily life, even future anxieties are all emotional challenges Charlie excels at helping one to address in a holistic manner. Maintaining the energetic balance through nutrition, present moment awareness of the body and mind, as well as acceptance of our current state, all embody Charlie's thorough understanding in all matters pertaining to wellness. With such a comprehensive understanding it is clear those who desire his help will have a long lasting impact. After many months under Charlie's guidance I can confidently attest that he offers a uniquely tailored and priceless opportunity to thrive in our human experience. Take that step into the garden of life, let Charlie be your mentor, and let yourself be alive in every moment of existence."

Until our next adventure,

With Love and Gratitude,


"Human Design has really changed my life and made me understand my self and my energy type tremendously in a tangible level.  Figuring out I am a projector things starting clicking and just making so much more sense. My mentor Charlie has helped me a lot and working with him has expanded my horizons and the tools and tips he gave me I use everyday. Thank you so much Charlie for being you! If you are a projector I highly suggest watching his YouTube for some amazing educational information. I look forward to our future sessions and work together! Thank you for helping me grow and understanding my human design experiment even more  🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻"


"Charlie has an extraordinary understanding of human nature, connection, mind and body. He has a transformative quality that, simply put, is just very rare. His coaching has helped me see, accept and unlearn deeply engrained thought patterns that don't serve me as I strive to live in alignment with my unique self. In place, I've become aware of how to connect with feelings, my mind and body in such profound ways that I have shed a skin shackled with anxities and inhibitions. Life continues to unfold in a more lovely way. I'm forever grateful for his knowledge and guidance."


"This Human Design reading by Charlie Maginness, has giving me the licensing to be authentically me. It was very intriguing and very insightful to learn not only about my energy, authority, and strategy type, but also about my digestive type and preferred environment.  With this knowledge I am also more likely to thrive physically and emotionally. I really valued his time and the information he has provided me with.  I felt seen and recognized, which as a projector, I value that very much.  I could feel his passion and intuitive gift. I also very much appreciate the tools he provided me with. Everything about my needs were spot on, and it brought me to tears when I heard it from someone else’s mouth. I’ve innately known about them deep down, but Charlie served as a mirror who was there to remind me of who I came to be in this world.     
Thankful for the magic you’re spreading Charlie."

"I want to thank you for the wonderful heart centered Human Design reading!  I love your clear easy to understand analysis of my human design bodygraph as well as your calm and easy to understand delivery of this very important information.    

You are a gem!! Keep helping humanity from the bottom of your heart! 

Thank you".

"I wanted to send my appreciation and gratitude for the Human Design reading that you did for me. I’ve waited for a year and a half to get a reading - I kept looking for a Projector that felt more embodied with the information - and for me, that is definitely you.  The reading was valuable, validating and practically helpful.  Thanks for the work that you do in the world!"


"I really enjoyed working with Charlie and benefited a lot from our coaching sessions. First and foremost, he genuinely cares. I felt this throughout our work and I appreciated it very much. This allowed me to trust in the process and get the necessary insights and shifts within a short amount of time. 
He is also very patient, calm and present, enabling me to find my clarity when it came to making some big work-related decisions. He guided our sessions with ease and grace, using his intuition to probe into what is in and out of alignment. 
He fully appreciates that each person has a unique personality / design and knows how to use his knowledge and sixth sense to uncover what that is. 
I am left with is the feeling that his openness and genuine care gave me the space to realise my truth, which I then applied in both my business and my health. Thank you so much Charlie!!"



Thank you so much. I have to thank you.

I think your are doing such a great job. I resonate with everything and this just feels so true I needed to cry.
This is my truth and my soul is longing for this expression and needs to learn how to do this. Keep up the great work."


"Much belated thank you for a wisdom packed 22 minutes Human Design reading!!!  It was the best Birthday gift I could receive:)  I would love to process some of my reading more in depth with you in the future. I recognize and was so happy to have so much validated of the impact of my environment and now I am envisioning, where I choose to live in the future. I dream of traveling to "slow paced" places. I recognize I fall into a "do- do" energy and burn out.. Your questions, put me on a self inquiry.  In addition, exercise (you shared) is putting me back in touch with my intuition and truth.

I also, have meant to comment on one of your Projector videos over the Winter...I can visualize you creating "Projector" Human Design Immersion/experiential retreats...an idea I thought I'd pass on to you.

Thank you for your brilliant, insightful teachings!"


"I want to say thank you for the work you do; I found your reading very peaceful and resonant. I've been told before that my strongest sense is "feeling" according to human design, which does feel true to me to some extent, but when you said that it's actually scent it resonated with me a lot more. Maybe they were referencing a different part of my chart. 

I grew up in a small apartment filled with cigarette smoke and I was not allowed to ask for clean air without being reprimanded. Kids at school made fun of me at times for the smell of my parents' choice to constantly smoke indoors with little airflow. I felt a sense of direct permission, now as an adult, to set boundaries about what kind of scents enter my personal space--ie asking my mother to smoke outdoors at my home...also to make room in my budget for the pleasures of scents that make me feel peaceful and happy. 

Again, thanks for what you do! The way that you read charts and present the information brought a lot of value to me as I'm sure it does to others. 

All the best to you!"

"Hello Charlie,

I want to say a sincere thank you for my reading. I gained so much from it and have been reflecting on it for weeks. 

Before this reading, I had spent a lot of money and waited over 6 months for a reading with a well known UK based reader, and I got ten times more out of your reading than I did with that one. 

I have recommended you to a few friends since, so hopefully they will reach out if they haven't already. 

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to this HD experiment. 

Best regards".

"Charlie is one of those rare coaches who combines a safe, masculine container with the gentle, healing quality of the Divine Feminine. One of Charlie’s many gifts is his ability to penetrate your psychology in a loving way. During one of our sessions, I was suppressing an emotion in my throat and, as if by magic, it felt as though he was pulling up the emotion by a string. Charlie is also the master of the business launch. He possesses the strategic mind to know exactly what you need and to help you solve any issues that arise. In Charlie, not only will you find a talented coach but a warm, caring friend who wants you to succeed."


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