I DO therefore I AM

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

I’m finding this is a common belief of myself and its a huge societal belief passed on from person to person, and yes it ended up on me.

Its like a feel like its not enough being a human being, an incredibly amazing unique human being. I can feel, I can think, I can act, I can love, I am free to choose, I can create, and so much more.
But it seems to most people that thats not enough.
Being a human being, a human being who can spark joy within themselves at any moment and spark it within others too.
Thats not enough?

We’re more interested in what that human being does, did they go to a good school, how were their grades? what about university?
and now what job to they have? and from these questions most of us form a judgment of that human being.
How valuable are they, how worthy are they, how loveable are they?

Society today is very very left brained, super analytic, super logical and supports the masculine way of thinking which is directed and focused and goal orientated. So for people who are more right brained; creative, loving, emotional, abstract, it can be hard because society as a whole tries to funnel everyone in to be the same and ‘like’ similar things, and be graded and ranked and pressured to perform.
‘because if you don’t perform you’ll end up being a nobody’
well guess what, we’re not here to ‘perform’ in the way schools and universities say we should perform.
if we choose to perform because it brings us much joy and we thrive off the challenge then thats great but if the challenge and pressure bring you stress and worry then this environment is not conducive to your growth. but theres not many other options for more right brained human beings so we’re all funnelled in through our schools, graded, ranked, judged, told we’re not good enough, or told we should be a certain person or profession because that’s what people admire or that’s where the money is - followed by being  ranked at uni, pressure, then jobs and once again ranked. its never ending. no wonder there is not so much peace and bliss. our environment just isn’t geared towards those areas. its geared towards efficiency and metrics and the economy.

I’m coming to the realisation that…

I AM - therefore I’m amazing

Theres nothing I NEED to do.
I’m really getting that through my head, I’m done pleasing others or trying to say things so that others will view me as being worthy etc.
I am at peace knowing that I was born an absolutely magic being and there is nothing I NEED to do to make me better or worse.
I have the freedom to choose my passions, choose my desires, rather than be run by what I think I should do to make others think good of me.

Its non of my business what others think of me.

I’m the closest now to my true self than I’ve ever been. And I continue to drop old habits and old beliefs that really don’t support me and don’t support me in being a joyful and loving human being.

We are human BEINGS. not just humans. the BEING part is the essence inside us all, that is unchanging and magical and there is nothing we NEED to do in order to change it or make it ‘better’.
Lets just enjoy each and every moment, laugh, connect, create what you’re truly passionate about, never live in scarcity or fear of loosing out, always follow your heart and follow your bliss because then, and only then, will you you know the possibilities and magic of what life is all about.


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