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Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019

The Ultimate Projector Guide: Discover Your Success 6-Week training is now open and available. And for personal recorded readings, these are only available to people how sign up to the training. In this way we can go deeper into your uniqueness. Worst mantra ever for projectors, “Hustle your way to the top!”. Projectors are not here to find success through hustling, we are here to find our way via flow, right-timing, and our unique wisdom that we share with others. It can be challenging for a projector, living in a generator dominant world, to not get sucked into the buzzy and hustle-hype. So many marketing themes, and spiritual trends are circling around “manifestation” and “creating your reality” by taking action and going for it. For generators, MG’s, Manifestors… this is great! But as projectors... lets save ourselves from running ourselves into the ground! More action, initiation, pushing and racing is not what we need. Watch for the invitations, from others and from life. Slow your rhythm right down. Rest. Nourish. Keep sharing what YOU love, in YOUR pace. Trust in the right timing. - Human Design Projectors 


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