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Crack Open
This is all about deconditioning. We all know about physical detox but we’re talking about cracking open the ego, the patterns, the mental patterns, energetic patterns, fear, emotional patterns. Most of us play out our lives on autopilot, unconscious. Unless we dive deep within our selves, our life will simply be one predictable stream of karma. Knowing this we then want to take ourselves BEYOND who we think we are so we can really begin to co-create our reality.

Tap In
We journey within, we tap into ourselves, we discover our edge, the unknown, our blueprint. Using tools that uncover our essence, such as the Mayan Dreamspell, Astrology and Human Design, each person leaves having a fuller more accurate understanding and experience of their uniqueness.

Asking presence to permeate our being, to reconnect us to our divine nature and pull us into ourselves, this is where the magic occurs. 

We use our infinitely powerful mind, emotions and energy to manifest the lives of our dreams. We understand that we are creators. We discover our Personal Power, our Freedom as well as true physical alignment.

We dive into the subconscious mind, emotional integration and releasing, trauma release, connection, authenticity, relationships, self image, detoxification techniques, mayan dreamspell, astrology, human design, integral energetics (spinal flow), PSYCH-K, metaphysical health, expression, ritual and true self care! 


  • Transformation
  • Spiritual expansion
  • Freedom within ones self
  • Personal Power
  • Discover your blueprint and essence
  • Vitality
  • Connection
  • Freedom from the past

​If you feel an intuitive urge and pull... trust that ;) this space has the potential to totally change your life

"I met Charlie in Bali and I participated at the Transformational Health retreat in October 2017.

I had two sessions with him during the retreat. By creating a safe space and guiding me through different techniques, he helped me release trauma and replace negative thought patterns. Charlie is extremely talented. He has such a special gift and I know that he is going to change many lives. His knowledge and the way he performs his work, contributes to a paradigm shift. A shift from the current beliefs and prejudices associated with trauma, mental illness and mental health in general.

As a psychiatric nurse I’ve experienced people being told that there were no ways out of trauma or mental illness. I too was told this many years ago. After meeting Charlie and participating at the retreat, I don’t believe in that anymore. It is absolutely possible to overcome trauma and mental illness!

Charlie’s work represents a wide range of possibilities for people to overcome whatever they are struggling with. His work is brilliant and I see him changing the world! Since the retreat, I’ve become a new woman. I am stronger in my essence than ever before. I am confident, courages and finally taking the steps in pursuing my dreams. Being at the retreat and working with Charlie changed my life for the better.

Thank you!"


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