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Liver Symptoms

The liver is the easiest organ to regenerate and bring back to full functionality - this is good news! 

Here I talk about the symptoms one can be experiencing if their liver is not functioning properly. I name over 6 symptoms to look for and go into detail on each. 

If this speaks to you on a deeper level or you feel it could support someone you know on their health journey then I urge you to share this video. 


Vipassana Meditation

This technique has been passed down directly from the Buddha and has been kept in its purity from generation to generation. 
It is such a profound technique, such a mental detox, that the person who walks into the 10 day silence course will be a different person who walks out. In at a least 1 way or another. 

Here my partner Kelly and I share our thoughts and experiences on Vipassana as we just completed a 10 day course recently (2 weeks ago in Bali). 


Human Design

This system is an energetic system, a sort of genetic coding that was imprinted into us when we were born. The accuracy is profound. 

Simply speaking there are 4 groups of people
- Generators 
- Manifestors
- Projectors 
- Reflectors

Each is unique and fundamental to the whole. 


Top 5 foods for SKIN

What are the top 5 foods for skin?

Before we talk about the top 5 foods lets make sure that you are stopping anything that could be causing your skin issues.

- Dairy is a big one
- Processed foods
- Refined Sugar

If we support the Liver and the Kidney, then naturally the SKIN reaps AMAZING benefits!

Now to the foods
1. Lemons (juiced)
2. Pure Water (make sure you're filtering your water)
3. Avocados (internal moisturizer)
4. Goji Berries (YES)
5. Seaweed


Benefits of Dragon Fruit

What a vibrant fruit it is. 

Eat dragon fruit to up your antioxidant intake!!! To get your Vitamin C and Vitamin B's! As well as give your skin a wonderful nourishing GLOW.


Best cooking oil for health & My experience with Vegetable Oil

We need to look but to ancient cultures and our grandparents and great grandparents and see what they were doing. They were living closer to nature, more in harmony, and were experiencing no where near the cancer rates, the heart disease and overall diseases we are currently facing as a society today. Here is an experience of mine - first hand - to see what happens when you don't have vegetable oils and then all of a sudden you do.

Cook with Ghee or Butter and reap the health benefits NOW!


How to get more ENERGY

Talk a lot about Adrenal Glands and how they function and then how to improve your overall energy by Adrenal Gland REGENERATION!


Vipassana Meditation Technique | My experience

It's amazing how time seems to slow down when we don't have any way to distract ourselves and 'pass' the time. Simply sitting with ourselves, with our bodies, with our minds, is an amazing gift.

Many people have asked me why I do Vipassana, why I choose to meditate for 10 days straight nearly 10 hours a day... they are genuinely interested - what's the point? They ask. Well I'm sure there are shifts happening on levels I'm not even aware of, deep shifts, deep cleansing, uprooting deep negative...


Is there really much of a difference between a Teacher and a Student?

I feel the new paradigm of teachers, whether it be a teacher in health, education, physic, spirituality, science, whatever the field may be, are people who are dedicated to being a student always. 

I feel there isn't much of a difference between teacher and student. A teacher, true teacher of the art, will always remain a student of that art. There will never be a switch from student to teacher. The “teacher" title may simply be added onto their student way of being...


Traditional Balinese Healing

This is me and here is Papa. Papa is a man of many talent, one being pain, another being healings. 

He is a traditional Balinese healer who learnt from his ancestors. He has such a deep connection with the body and instantly knows what's going on for each person inside them. He uses traditional reflexology to balance the body. 

I first saw Papa 4 years ago and I think I still remember the pain. Now it's no where near as bad but still - as you can see in this photo he's really...

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