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14 Week Life Reboot Program

I'll be journeying with 7 people maximum over the coming 14 weeks. 

If you feel a resonance and want to know more simply let me know - we'll then work out if it's a fit on both ends. 

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Risks Of Low Blood Pressure 

For most of us we have heard about the risks of high blood pressure. It has not as common for us to hear about the risks of low blood pressure. This perplexes me as low blood pressure is fundamentally a problem and can cause a host of issues throughout the body including 
- fatigue 
- adrenal fatigue
- dizziness
- dehydration 
- blurred vision 
- lack of concentration 
- malnutrition 

It's a slow process but the...


Bali Transformation Health Retreat (August 2017)

"What would you think about an opportunity to experience 4+ years of transformation in 1 week?

To surpass what could potentially take decades of trial and error, to access authentic and radical transformational experiences? I have just launched a 7-day Transformational Health and Healing Retreat with Charlie Maginness and good friend Tegan Steele.

The Retreat will be in Bali and the week will be full of cleansing, looking within, and reclaiming one’s own healer, the natural forces of...


Adrenal Glands Regeneration

Adrenal Gland Glandular. Start with herbal formulas and physical techniques before jumping into glandulars. This one is Jam packed full of only the best nourishment for your adrenal glands - adrenal glands. Our adrenal glands these days are getting a working, they are the ones taking the toll when we are under stress. They sit on top of our kidneys in direct communication with them as well as our endocrine system. They are vitally important for energy and hormonal balance. They are the seat...


How To Follow Your Intuition?

Intuition is an incredible power that is stored in each and every one of us. It's just about tapping into this often forgotten power within us and giving it free reign. Giving it the ability to adventure into unknown territory, allow it to have the first say, and if we do this then magic can open up in our lives. Synchronicity's become the normal and our lives take on a whole new dimension, one based in trust, based in love rather than scarcity and fear. 

I invite you to awaken your...


Recreate yourself today

Did you know that each moment you die and are reborn?
But what happens is we continually tell ourselves the same stories, the same thoughts which keeps us in a perpetual loop of circumstances and events.

If you’re looking to break out of your current circumstances know that you can do it any moment - right now if you wish (more of a choice, rather than a wish). It is possible but unlikely due to the deep conditioning and patterns we find ourselves in, but if we become more and more aware...


PSYCH K Review

In this video I give my review of PSYCH K and the process of PSYCH k. 

Some of the benefits as well as touching on the courses and how you yourself could become a PSYCH-K facilitator. 
It's such a profound system and technique that works directly on your subconscious beliefs and subconscious mind. 

Highly recommend experiencing this work for yourself. 

As Gandhi says
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your...


Low Fat Diets

What are the risks of eating a low fat diet. 
Many people jump into a low fat diet because they want to lose weight. In this video I explain why this logic doesn't work and I go further into what problems it may cause. 

This is extremely important for Vegans who aren't receiving much fat at all most likely (particularly Vitamin A from animal fat). 

This can cause some problems with liver function - 
Don't get me wrong there are definitely ways to support liver function as a...

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