Adrenal Glands Regeneration

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

Adrenal Gland Glandular. Start with herbal formulas and physical techniques before jumping into glandulars. This one is Jam packed full of only the best nourishment for your adrenal glands - adrenal glands. Our adrenal glands these days are getting a working, they are the ones taking the toll when we are under stress. They sit on top of our kidneys in direct communication with them as well as our endocrine system. They are vitally important for energy and hormonal balance. They are the seat of our 'fight or flight' response. So whenever we are stressed, over burdened, over thinking, over working, in fear then it's our Adrenal Glands that are the ones that take the hit 👊. This is unfortunate because when our adrenal glands are functioning properly they produce some incredible alkalizing hormones and steroids to keep our body healthy and nourished. Take care of your adrenal glands and they will nourish you right back. If you want to try some herbs and give your adrenals some loving then you can start with things like he shou wu, chaste tree, dandelion root, rhodiola, eleuthero root - also if you have low blood pressure, especially the systolic number (first number). Anything below 115 then this is a sign your adrenals may be slightly sluggish and under functioning and if you're below 108 then it means your adrenals are crying out for some love. Give them love and they will love you back. Take care of your adrenals NOW.

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