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For those looking for meditation and yoga experiences.

Sadhguru is a very special human. The power he emanates, the truth he gives, the love he shares is profound.

Sadhguru created Isha Yoga Foundation and has many courses and initiations being run around the world for people who are interested in the real thing. In the seed of something magical. The pure essence of yoga is delivered to those who want it, and Sadhguru is a trustworthy source in my experience.

He also has an Ashram in the south of India in a beautiful location for people to visit. I’ve spent 4 months of my life there on 2 occasions. It’s hard to explain the power and intensity that the ashram exudes. People are welcome to visit and take courses at the Ashram.

I was initiated into his practises 8 years ago and I’m so grateful.

At the Ashram there is are multiple temples, vibrating with different energies. The main temple is known as the Dhyanalinga which is a powerhouse that needs to be experienced.

One of the highlights of my life was playing the didgeridoo within this temple in ceremony to hundreds of people in meditation, a magical moment it was. 

This video below is from Mahashivratri which is a specific day in the year, once a year, where Sadhguru says the energies increase and this is when he holds a big meditation gathering at the Ashram. Watching this video reminds me of the power of the ashram and the power of the being.


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