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Bali Transformation Health Retreat (August 2017)

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

"What would you think about an opportunity to experience 4+ years of transformation in 1 week?

To surpass what could potentially take decades of trial and error, to access authentic and radical transformational experiences? I have just launched a 7-day Transformational Health and Healing Retreat with Charlie Maginness and good friend Tegan Steele.

The Retreat will be in Bali and the week will be full of cleansing, looking within, and reclaiming one’s own healer, the natural forces of one's own being! We are excited to be coming together and share our passion for living a vibrant life.

Spending 7 whole days completely immersed in growth and transformation has unbelievable affects on your mind, body, and soul, short term and long-term. The aspect of the "unknown' is what draws or repels one from gifting themselves this life-changing experience. Questions like, "Am I ready for this?", or, "What will we do?!".There is only one way to answer this, if you are called to experience a deeper connection to all aspects of your life, to heal and to cleanse...then jump in. Life can really change in an instant. Meeting one person, going to one event, talking to that stranger... much of the magic that makes up life comes from serendipitous and spontaneous experiences. Usually beyond our frame of context or expectations.Through my own journey of the twist and turns of life as an inspired-nomad, I have discovered that there is no greater mystery than my own body, mind, and spirit.

Although I have ran through hundreds of forests in Massachusetts, slept in trees, graveyards and caves in New Zealand, lived in the woods for over 3 months, lived in an ashram in India for 2 months, camped with a family of kangaroos in the outback of Australia... the deepest and most profound life-changing experiences have stemmed from exploring my own terrain. I realise not all have the desire or the means to come across life-changing experiences in the way I did. Leaving home at 18 with a one-way ticket halfway across the world, a thin wallet and a heart full of dreams and passions, this was my route. I didn’t do the things I did to be better than anyone, or to “break the status quo”… I did what I did because I had to do it, there couldn’t have been any other way. It was the path I needed to take. There was no avoiding those strong emotions and longings.I’ve always been a traveller and explorer... maps filled my room from the age of 5 and I’d ask for flash-lights, globes, metal detectors and sleeping bags for my birthday or Christmas presents. My dreams of digging to the depths started through a fascination with archaeology then grew into a deep curiosity of people, emotions, and concepts of reality.

My whole family probably saw it coming, the day I would leave home in search of bigger dreams than a degree and a good-pay-check. I did try to embrace that reality, to find my place in that world, but I knew it was not for me. I deeply respected and was excited by my friends going to school, but I just couldn’t deny being swayed by the beat of a different drum. We all walk the path that is truly best for us at the time. It’s not the common path to travel without any financial support all over the world, living on the edge and throwing oneself into the fires of transformation and trust over and over again… and that is why I feel I exist.

I exist to serve as a transmuter, a messenger or even a buffer… someone who can experience the crazy-edges and weave them into applicable and powerful material for the tribe, the village. With my natural inclination to explore different realities and walks of life, I’m able to blend and balance the experiences… converting them into something tangible and helpful for anyone. Bridging the worlds and creating new opportunity.

I am not the only one who walks this path, as I have met many along the way who, in their own right, are activators and switch-boards for transformation.

My beloved partner, Charlie Maginness, being one of them. He has an insatiable desire to explore beyond the surface level of health and vitality. Using himself as the guinea pig, he has spent 8 years intensely learning and discovering the magic of the human body and what true health is. From detoxing to fasting for weeks, to every superfood under the sun and energy healing, expensive light-infrared machines, sacred medicine, meditation, shifting the subconscious mind, traditional Chinese herbs and SO much more! When I look at his path, I can see that he is able to serve his coaching clients so powerfully because he can provide them the best, having tried and experienced so many things himself. We can really serve each other so deeply from the wisdom of our own experience. It may not be in one’s path to spend 8 years studying holistic health in depth, but they still may wish for vitality and supreme wellness. By having someone like Charlie whose path was to dive in deep and explore, he can help others save time, energy, and money by directing them to the best fit for their unique energy.

My other friend Tegan, she is walking the path of the explorer as well. She has had a passion for vitality and health for as long as she can remember.From being a fitness instructor, to a natural-beautician, and even helping heal her mother from a severe-illness... increasing health and happiness is part of who she is. In her life she has explored this area so vastly. Travelling to India for yoga and breath-work trainings, running a health-café with her family, creating a line of natural health and beauty products, holding retreats for fasting and detox. The extent of her reaches into the world of wellbeing stretch far and wide. And from this place of passion and experience, she has the ability to help people attain leaps and bounds in their personal wellbeing journey.

And as for me, my desire to explore the edges and the mysteries of life, to stretch the perceptions of reality and find the unique path for me… this has taught me so much about tuning in to my hearts-calling. My wild adventures all over the world have all strengthened the inner voice inside, intuition, my guidance system. I’ve learned how to put that voice first and create a life that truly satisfies my soul. I’ve learned how to connect deeply to my true joy in the midst of pain, change, and the unexpected twists and turns of life. Through my adventures of self-discovery, I am able to guide and support others to reclaim their inner voice and heart’s calling, to find and ignite their inner joy and magic. And I absolutely love doing this. By coming into shared space with individuals who are fully charged, like batteries, in areas you wish to experience in your own life… you receive a direct supply of energy and support to accelerate that journey.

 This is what our upcoming 7-day immersion retreat is all about. We carve a container as big and as wide as your dreams, we nurture and feed the soil so all the seeds have the best opportunity to sprout and grow and blossom into a magical reality. It’s like having access to 3 generators, prepped and practiced with the energy to guide you through the steps and path to get you where you want to go. If you are looking to step up or transform in an area of your life, these 7 days are a gift, a gift to yourself.How often do we really get the chance to be uniquely and individually guided closer to our dreams and passions by a team of experienced facilitators? It is a gift to yourself that will serve you literally for the rest of your life, and all those that you choose to serve! The three of us share the intention of guiding participants to dig deep and uncover the uniqueness of their being.We know from our own experience that one-size does not fit all, and we will support each person in getting clarity on their unique dietary, physical, emotional, and energetic system!

This is literally decades worth of self-study in one week. 

The best gift you can give yourself, and the world is to truly love and honour your unique expression of life.Our society breeds off of comparing and wishing we were someone different, or a little more like this or that person. That gets us nowhere! We must either trust we are exactly where we are meant to be and live powerfully, or take responsibility for where we want to be and bring it into reality! Whichever you choose doesn’t really matter, it’s just about powerfully choosing s o m e t h i n g. I feel so inspired and passionate about guiding and co-creating with others dedicated to discovering the potential and the power that lies within!Know that you are a being of distinction, and that you have such special gifts and forces within you

For more information check out Transformational Health and Healing Retreat in Bali, August 2017"

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