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I DO therefore I AM

I’m finding this is a common belief of myself and its a huge societal belief passed on from person to person, and yes it ended up on me.

Its like a feel like its not enough being a human being, an incredibly amazing unique human being. I can feel, I can think, I can act, I can love, I am free to choose, I can create, and so much more.
But it seems to most people that thats not enough.
Being a human being, a human being who can spark joy within themselves at any moment and spark it within...


Money. Freedom. Happiness.

Freedom and happiness are two of the most important values in my life. I yearn for freedom in every sense of the word and happiness and joy are self explanatory. 
I discovered this morning that I’ve had a belief (subconscious) that money doesn’t bring freedom and happiness, it actually decreases it and restricts it.
For me if I look around at people in my life its often the people with less money who to me have the most freedom and also have so much happiness. They travel...



It’s interesting we as humans are made up of different ‘bodies’.
I’m sure many people have heard the word yoga before, it’s obviously been quite distorted and people now thinks its twisting your body, the more you twist, the better yogi you are.
Actually the word yoga refers to aligning and union these four bodies
- physical body
- mental body
- emotional body
- energetic bodies
Like 4 wheels of a car, to align these bodies and activate these bodies so we can blossom...


A Business Creation

What a journey you have been. I have learnt so much while experiencing you, creating you, spending time with you, and having fun with you. We have danced, sang, laughed, cried, and much more but now it’s time for me to move on and start a new chapter in my life. I’ve decided to leave you so both myself and you as well can grow and flourish in ways, ways that feel best for you and me. 

For me it’s time to move on and find new passions, new adventures, new travels...


I'm Responsible

Its interesting how we as humans take responsibility for the things that we want to and then the things that we don’t want to we don’t take responsibility for.
I’m realising its actually a very ‘small’ way to live.

I sometimes find myself blaming other people for events in my life or even blaming my ‘ego’.
For example if I succeed in something I’ll say to myself good job but if something doesn’t go ‘my way’ then I’ll look to...


A conversation about our Bodies

Kelly: In essence this is just about the truth of where we are at. How I am feeling about doing something thats a bit risqué or vulnerable? I am feeing quite confident and strong. When we’re children there is such a healthy forum of curiosity and erotism. Whether it’s through touching or playing make believe or hiding together in a dark closest. There is healthy exhibitionism, where you flaunt your body. You’re ten years old and you’re dancing around naked in...


Time in India

Myself and my beautiful partner Kelly were lucky enough to be in the presence of a master for 7 weeks in India at the Isha Yoga ashram. Here is a darshan that Sadhguru conducted! You can see Kelly at 1.55 minutes :)


Core Belief: realization

I discovered that I’m super selfish! 
It’s all about me. 

I want to be the best. I want to be the happiest. I want to be the best looking. I want to have the most energy. I want to help the most people. I want to be the most active. I want to wake up the earliest. I want to have the best smile. I want to laugh the most. I want to have the best business. I want to be the the smartest. I want to be the most liked. 


What a self centred prick ;) 




I am a psych-k practitioner. 

Psych-K is a powerful process that enables us to download new positive beliefs straight into our subconscious mind. I have used it for myself on numerous occasions with fantastic results as well as many people around me have also experienced it and were blown away by the shifts and outcomes. 

Tonight I will be sharing this process with a group of about 15 people in a healing workshop put on by myself, my girlfriend and 2 beautiful friends. 

As Henry...

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