My Story

My story is one of uniqueness. What I went through to get to where I am now, with a purpose that is 100% aligned with my work, was a challenge.  This was a journey where I had to let go of what no longer served me. Everything from certain friends, study paths, societal pressures, diets and even where I spent my time, while at the same time recreating myself by deeply tapping into my own rhythm.

From a very young age I found myself to be somewhat unique, somewhat sensitive to my external environment, very aware of feelings and others around me and what I realised was I had this thirst for authenticity, for freedom and for transformation. 

I would often feel drawn to experiences that my friends wouldn't be interested in. I went to an all boys school from the age of 12 and I remember when I was about 14 a substitute teacher came into the class and started talking about journal writing, reflection and emotions. She spoke of how it can improve you as a human being, how you can tap into your feelings more and really develop yourself. I can remember most of the other students were not interested at all, even thinking it was an absolute joke, but for me something resonated. Something inside me was so curious and I began to journal most days, and I still have all of those journals now. It's amazing what a teenager goes through with all the pressures of growing up and I'm thankful for some key experiences and turning points in my development that guided me to where I am now. 

There was another time when I was 15 years old and I was at school. I remember a speaker who came in to talk about personal development, about how to gain more self-esteem and how to have more of a presence. Once again my ears pricked up, I was interested and listened with great focus while most of my friends couldn't care less.  I think it was around that moment that I remember asking my mum multiple times to take me to a lady known as 'Janette'. Back then I didn't know what she did but I knew it was different and I knew she was working on different layers of me - and I wanted that. I wanted expansion, I wanted growth, I wanted to feel my power, I wanted something unique and different. When I was older I found out she was a Kinesiologist. I loved my sessions with her.

And then when I was 16 years of age I fell sick...

I was hit with a range of allergies, tiredness, glandular fever (mono), which bordered on chronic fatigue. At the time I didn't think there were any other options other than seeing doctors and doing what they told me. So... I ended up getting injections for my allergies which simply caused my throat to close up and my lungs to begin wheezing. I would get blood test after blood test, sleep 12 hours each night and have naps throughout the day. It felt like I had a parachute on my back, no matter how much I wanted to expand into myself, into my power, into my presence, I couldn't, there was an energy always weighing me down (mentally, emotionally and physically). 

"Could this really be the only way?", I remember asking myself. 

I continued for months. I even had my parents rip up the carpet in my room and put floor boards down because I was allergic to the dust. I ended up sleeping in a tent outside on the balcony because I was so allergic to dog hair and the dust inside.

I saw no other way. 

Until one day I remember saying to myself... enough is enough. And in that moment I took responsibility for my health, for my life and for what I stood for and wanted to create. That was when I was about 19 years old and since then my life has taken a dramatic turn. 

I began to trust myself, listen to myself.

I spent over $100,000 on my transformation, every dollar I earned went there. To assist my health, my wellbeing, my mind and body.

So many times people would try and pull me back, judge my actions or tell me 'just be normal'.
What those people didn't understand was that the vision I held deep within me for myself was so big and felt so true that nothing was going to pull me from my truth again.

I have stood for myself and for my truth every single day for the past 9 years and I am committed to continuing that journey. 

Now I stand for other truths as well.

My Vision

Mystery Schools.
Transformational Spaces.
Authentic Connections. 

A space for the hungry to taste the present.
To taste the depths of themselves. 



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