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Trauma Release

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

Normally in our lives our minds dictates how our bodies moves. As you may be aware, the mind can operate in a variety of states ie controlling, ridged, fast or slow – thus creating a life representative of the mind.  

Think about when you’re dancing, does your body move freely or are you telling it to move a certain way to fit in to how others may see you or perceive you.

For most of us it’s the mind that controls the body.

Have you ever thought that maybe at times the body wants to move by itself without the mind coming in and saying, “move like this, move like this.“ A profound way of allowing the body to move is via shaking. Shaking has been used by cultures for many years but recently has been lost to our awareness.

If one observes a traumatized animal in nature you will observe the whole body begins to vibrate. This is the stress and trauma from the event being released.  Unfortunately society isn’t so conducive for us to be shaking and vibrating after an argument or a stressful situation. Therefore our bodies store and hold this stress in our cells and muscles. Imagine releasing a lot of those experiences in one go – just letting it all go?  

I invite you to come and experience the power of shaking. (Polar Bear) (Deer)


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