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Traditional Balinese Healing

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

This is me and here is Papa. Papa is a man of many talent, one being pain, another being healings. 

He is a traditional Balinese healer who learnt from his ancestors. He has such a deep connection with the body and instantly knows what's going on for each person inside them. He uses traditional reflexology to balance the body. 

I first saw Papa 4 years ago and I think I still remember the pain. Now it's no where near as bad but still - as you can see in this photo he's really digging in and I'm really feeling it. For anyone coming to Ubud, Papa is a must experience. 

He was explaining last night about the difference between what he does and a typical western doctor. He used the example of a tooth ache or tooth problem. He said if you go to a western doctor you may get something for pain but the problem may get worse over time. If you come and see Papa he said you get more pain for 1 or 2 times but then 'problem gone. No more'. That's the difference he said. 

So for me - I'll take a little short term pain for long term gain < and that's one of his favourite English sayings, otherwise you'll find him laughing and giggling to himself about who knows what...



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