I'm Responsible

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Its interesting how we as humans take responsibility for the things that we want to and then the things that we don’t want to we don’t take responsibility for.
I’m realising its actually a very ‘small’ way to live.

I sometimes find myself blaming other people for events in my life or even blaming my ‘ego’.
For example if I succeed in something I’ll say to myself good job but if something doesn’t go ‘my way’ then I’ll look to some other reason as to why it didn’t rather than taking full responsibility and owning that it didn’t go my way and I’m responsible for that, NOBODY ELSE.

So either I’m responsible for EVERYTHING, including my thoughts, my feelings, my judgements, my failures, my successes, my relationships, my health, my environment.


I’m not responsible for anything and I hand it over to life and this especially includes my successes, my possibles, my negatives and all of it. If I do something amazing then I have to realise (if I choose this way of being) that it wasn’t me because I handing it over to life and therefore I am in total service.

If I don’t do this and I pick and chose that my successes are because of me and my failures are because of situations or other people or other circumstances or my childhood or whatever then there is no room for growth. There is no room for empowerment and integrity.

I feel either is a wonderful way to life, BUT in the middle is poor way to life.
I’m choosing that I’m responsible for everything and I’m choosing to live in full integrity.


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