Flying from Perth to Melbourne

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019

Late night flight. Perth to Melbourne. I found my seat, sat down getting organised. I remember looking at my seat number moments before and see it was 27. I love numbers and to me the number 9 is a special number. My mind quickly recorded that 2 + 7 equaled 9 so I felt there was some synchronicity in the air. 

Then moments later 2 girls came with their carry on luggage and I ended up assisting them briefly in getting their bags into the overhead compartments. They then communicated that they were actually sitting next to me and so we all sat down. I continued to do my own thing before the plane took off. 

Now I do remember sitting there 'feeling' there was some exchange going to happen between us. It was an intuitive feeling within me that either I had a 'key' for them or they had a 'key' for me. When I say key I mean as we go through life there are always exchanges going on and if you're on a personal development journey then these exchanges can open up your consciousness and allow you to experience something new or something profound or simply guide you on a clearer path, one that is more in alignment with your purpose. 

Often in these situations (traveling by myself) I would keep to myself. Simply read a book or meditate but this time was different. There was something within pushing me to open up a conversation - So I did. I simply asked where they lived and what they were doing going from Perth to Melbourne. This preceded a beautiful conversation and one interesting thing lead to another. 

The conversation was open, vulnerable and raw. Even though these 2 beautiful women were heading to Melbourne to go to a festival and were probably just wanting a good time. Here they were opening up to me vulnerably about past situations and pains that they had experienced. After mentioning what I do in the area of coaching they were both jumping out of their seats wanting me to do whatever to see if they could experience something new. 

I said ok lets do this. 

We went into some different processes and what came of it was both Mia and Kimberley were in tears at different times. Feeling huge amounts of energy and emotion run through their bodies and also be released. It was magical to witness the transformation that took place between us on that flight. 

There was a moment where I was doing some muscle testing with Mia. Muscle testing is simply a way to communicate with the subconscious mind. We were planning on releasing 'trauma' around her relationship with her father. As this always has a HUGE impact on the relationship with future men because your father is the first masculine figure in your life. Heal that relationship and you go a long way in healing the relationship with the masculine as a whole, which includes male partners as well as the masculine within yourself! 
At the start of muscle testing I collaborate the reading by simply asking Mia to repeat 'My name is Mia' as this will be strong. I then asked her to repeat a name that isn't themselves. Therefore causing a weak muscle response. I went on to say 'Repeat after me, My name is Jim'. 
And when I said this Mia's jaw almost dropped. She was stunned and almost burst into tears. Jim was a past boyfriend of Mia and there was much she wanted to release around that. Apparently Jim had popped into my mind to remind Mia that it would be best to release him first before her father. So we transitioned our focus onto Jim. 

Both Mia and Kimberley were then led into the process separately and both had big realisations and break throughs. Both found huge forgiveness for themselves. Mia explained that throughout the process she was looking in a mirror and Jim was looking back at her and she was trying to find forgiveness but then all of a sudden Jim's face turned to hers and in that moment she realised that she needed to forgive herself deeply in order to release the pain and hurt and ties. And she did just that. For a long time after the release she kept describing how she was so relaxed, at peace and light. There had been a BIG energetic release within her.  

As both, Kimberley and Mia walked off the plane, they said 'We're new women' and to me they felt exactly that. They had released past grudges, relationships and pain 10,000 feet in the air and now they had landed as new women. 


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