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Do you have COLD hands or feet?

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

What could cold hands and cold feet be telling you about your health and body?

Nothing happens by chance, this universe is highly intelligent and incredibly complex yet simple.

Cold hands and cold feet may seem to some as random and irrelevant and maybe just chance they were born like this, I've heard many different things. But just like everything, there is a reason that your body has cold hands and cold feet.

Cold hands and feet is simply because blood circulation isn't reaching your extremities.

This could be due to
- low blood pressure
- thick and coagulated blood
- weak thyroid

By having cold hands and cold feet, it means the blood is slowing down when it reaches these parts of your body, this puts added pressure on your heart and kidneys to push the blood and filter the blood through your body.

Our thyroids...

help the body to maintain its temperature, they also assist in metabolism, calcium utilization (specifically the parathyroid), energy levels, memory as well as skin function ie if you sweat prefusely or not at all this is saying something about your miraculous thyroid.

The thyroid is a very sensitive gland and is always in constant communication with your pituitary gland, adrenals glands and more. Everything in the body is linked and it's about getting to the root cause so then health can be found from any position you are right now.

Some simple tips to IMPROVE thyroid function
- turn wifi off at night

- selenium (brazil nuts)

- iodine (kelp)

- mushrooms


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