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Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

Yesterday one of my coaching sessions was with a man who is about to sit his final medical exam in America. He has been studying for 6 months full time and it's next week. The exam he told me was 17 hours spread over 2 days, they get their finger prints taken, there are timing clocks going all the time and within an 8 hour session they get 45 minutes break in total -that is all. He was full of stress and anxiety and negative self talk that was taking him down the wrong path.

There was a distinct shift within the session. My experience of his was VERY different from the begin to the end of the session. I felt him relax into his body, belief enter his mind and excitement enter his emotions.

After our session he mentioned that he wished we had spoken a lot earlier and he is going to have another session the night before the exam. He's also referring me to his friends who he said are also full of stress and anxiety.

He then sent me this email

"I just wanted to share something with you. As soon as i started practicing what we went over, things started to change. One friend called and said he could get me into an off cycle spot, basically allowing me to get in early. Then my sister just msged me and told me she could possibly get me in by September because one of the residents at her program will probably get kicked out. It may not sound like much but that is insanely great news for the process 8 have to go through to get an internship. They would basically be ways to get in with no competition. Very rare.

These things are contingent on me passing. It will be a beautiful thing after I rock this exam and WHEN I pass.

Thank you, again!"

The subconscious mind works in many ways and I've seen this over and over whether it's with me working with someone on relationships, money, health or whatever, life begins to support us once we allow it to and once we get our mind, body and emotions working for and with us rather than against us.


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