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Alchemical Container

Holding and creating a safe container for you to dive into yourself, to discover whatโ€™s underneath the noise, the mind and your external reality. As a 3/5 Splenic Projector with the RAX of Penetration 3 (for those of you who know Human Design) I am here to know in the moment with directness what is best for you. Life will speak powerfully through our sessions, all we have to do is listen.

Who Is Coaching For?

For anyone looking to unlock their unique potential and awaken to life. This is also for those who currently experience any of these...

For people, burn out is the real deal. Luckily for me, my burnout came when I was 15 years of age and hit me hard for many years. That was actually the reason why I originally began my transformational journey. So it was a blessing in disguise. Having spent well over $100,000 on coaches, seminars, trainings, retreats, herbs, superfoods, knowledge and wisdom, I finally came to the realisation that everyone's physical body is different and unique and therefore each person needs different support to come back into balance and harmony. 

I have supported numerous people back to health and wellbeing, after they had tried a myriad of treatments and coaches without success.

Emotions are often at the root of our challenges. At the root of our life experience. 

Are you accepting your deepest nature, your unique energy or are you rejecting these parts of yourself? 

Let's find out...

Money issues are often linked to your relationship with your father or his relationship to money. Opening up your inner world and transforming deep core beliefs can do wonders in drawing in more abundance into your life!

Personally having creating my own path through both physical product businesses, online businesses as well as online and offline experiences, I can support your journey whatever the stage you are currently at.

If you're wanting support in the areas of career, abundance and stability then you are potentially right where you need to be.

Find clarity in purpose. 

Rest and Relaxation. Unfortunately for many is a foreign concept.

Firstly, what’s the difference between rest and relaxation?

Rest is physically resting the body – this is important!

Relaxation on the other hand is resting the mind, resting the emotional body and resting the spiritual body. Relaxation allows your energy to truly recharge, to regenerate, to rejuvenate.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen for many who are in constant doing mode.

And then some of you will rest but within the rest, there will be guilt, there will be pressure, seeded into the action of rest. This is NOT what we want. The results of this will be burn out, bitterness, confusion and struggle, for however long it takes for you to choose something different, to fully choose with your core of your being something new.

Be selfish, choose you.

Whether it's ancestoral trauma, birth trauma, childhood trauma or current stresses in our lives... it's vital that we heal and move through this energy to allow freshness, vitality and expansion to be born from within. 

This area can be one of the most life changing areas to address as it can open new energy up in all areas of your life. 

Move from constriction to expansion, move from fear to love, move from stress to relaxation by releasing the past from your cells and your DNA. 





Can truly manifest rapidly when you step into this transformational container. 


Allow your mind, body and emotions to align with your truth. Allowing presence and power to awaken within you.


Set your life up for success. The systems, the structures, the dance of the elements, have them work in your favor.


Dive into the shadow, into the challenge to re-emerge a fuller more potent expression of yourself. 

"I had a life changing time with Charlie as a mentor and guide. Charlie is an amazing guide on the path we all walk through life's garden. From past trauma, to struggles of daily life, even future anxieties are all emotional challenges Charlie excels. With such a comprehensive understanding it is clear those who desire his help will have a long lasting impact. I can confidently attest that he offers a uniquely tailored and priceless opportunity to thrive in our human experience. Take that step into the garden of life, let Charlie be your mentor, and let yourself be alive in every moment of existence. "


"Charlie Maginness, Thank you so much. I have to thank you. I think your are doing such a great job. I resonate with everything your shared and this just feels so true... I needed to cry. This is my truth and my soul is longing for this expression and is learning how to do this (embody myself more deeply). I really appreciate everything you are doing. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"


"Charlie Maginness, I want to say a sincere thank you to you. I gained so much and have been reflecting for weeks. Before, I had spent a lot of money and waited over 6 months for a reading with a well known UK based reader, and I got ten times more out of yours than I did with that one. I have recommended this to a few friends since. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to this HD experiment."


""Charlie helped to identify a deep-seeded pattern of thinking that was holding me back from achieving my goals in wealth and abundance. Charlie used the methods of PSYCH-K to reprogram my beliefs on a sub-conscious level. Immediately I felt something shift as my entire being came into congruence around my beliefs and goals do to with money. Since then, I've experienced a great freedom in the area of wealth. I recommend Charlie for his gentle and caring nature, and his dedication to having you achieve what you want out of life!""


"Charlie has an extraordinary understanding of human nature, connection, mind and body. He has a transformative quality that, simply put, is just very rare. His coaching has helped me see, accept and unlearn deeply engrained thought patterns that don't serve me as I strive to live in alignment with my unique self. In place, I've become aware of how to connect with feelings, my mind and body in such profound ways that I have shed a skin shackled with anxieties and inhibitions. Life continues to unfold in a more lovely way. I'm forever grateful for his knowledge and guidance."


"Working with Charlie created a lasting shift in my life, which I believe is quite difficult to come across in the wellness profession. I have found that in wellness I often experienced momentary change, and then a reversion back to where I started. My time working with Charlie created an honest difference in my life that I am still discovering, exploring, and relishing. Charlie is remarkable for his knowledge, research, openness, and generosity. I have worked with coaches before, but rarely do you find someone such as Charlie, who is so deeply dedicated to the conversation."


At any one time I am only working with 2 private clients. I do this to make sure I am at my best and providing the most potent space for you and your transformation.

Sessions are conducted 1-on-1 on Zoom. 

Stepping into this 3 to 6 month container is a deep commitment to your truest expression.

Coaching packages begin at $1000 per month.

If you are interested to see if we are a match... email me here:

[email protected]

The Way I Work Is With The Allies Of:

In stillness and silence, the truth bubbles up to the surface. Life is always working for you, through you and with you. 

I bring a depth of presence to our sessions to create a container of true transformation. 

Intuition is a ally of mine that I have been working with for many years now. The more I have trusted in it the more it has trusted in me. 

I bring all my experience into our calls and you will receive the benefits of this experience. Being a 3/5 profile in Human Design I am here to experience it all and then guide others to save from having to trip over as many times as I have. 

I offer a blend of masculine and feminine energy. Masculine directness and firmness to hold you accountable and hold your truth as the number 1 priority. Feminine softness, gentleness and flow to allow safety within the container and receptivity and listening.


"Charlie is a born teacher, with the patience of a kung fu master, the knowledge of a library, and the creativity of Picaso. You taught me so much Charlie, not only about health but also about myself. For that brother I don't know how I can ever thank you enough."


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