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Core Belief: realization

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

I discovered that I’m super selfish! 
It’s all about me. 

I want to be the best. I want to be the happiest. I want to be the best looking. I want to have the most energy. I want to help the most people. I want to be the most active. I want to wake up the earliest. I want to have the best smile. I want to laugh the most. I want to have the best business. I want to be the the smartest. I want to be the most liked. 


What a self centred prick ;) 

I’ve been doing some digging as to what this might be and why there is a belief like this that I carry from moment to moment. I think there is a belief, core belief, subconscious belief that I am in competition with everyone. This may have started back when I was about 6 years old with one of my best friends in kindergarten who was always slightly faster, slightly better looking, slightly smarter, so therefore everything was a competition. If I was the best then nobody could say nasty things to me. Then nobody could hurt my feelings. At the time it may have served me well but these days its time to give that up. 

It’s like I’m always competing with everyone, its tiring to live like this. Its super subconscious though, hard to see and feel but I’m sure its there. Like a shadow. 

I want to lift the collective up as a whole, I want to wholeheartedly help people and lift people up without thinking about what do I get in return. 

Its time to be INSPIRED.


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